AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-27Print buttond error messages to stderr.HEADmasterStijn Buys
2022-02-27Corrected buttond service executable name.Stijn Buys
2022-02-27Run systemctl daemon-reload at the end of make install.Stijn Buys
2022-02-27Added Makefile for buttond installation.Stijn Buys
2022-02-27Renamed buttonctld to buttond.Stijn Buys
2022-02-27Updated ledctl README.Stijn Buys
2022-02-27Updated ledctl documentation.Ingar
2022-02-27Added global README.Stijn Buys
2022-02-27Added script to handle soft button events.Ingar
2022-02-27Added script to retrieve sensors data from the BME280 chip.Ingar
2022-02-27Preparing the repository to hold all charmpi tools.Ingar
2022-02-13Removed deleted file.Ingar
2022-02-13Added README.Ingar
2022-02-13Fixed systemd boot status handling.Ingar
2022-02-13Added systemd service files to control LED status during boot.Ingar
2022-02-13Added 'boot' and 'ready' color name aliases.Ingar
2022-02-12Added Makefile with a 'make install' rule.Ingar
2022-02-12Set LED array size to 1.Ingar
2022-02-12Support HTML style color codes #rrggbb.Ingar
2022-02-06Added cyan and pink color options.Ingar
2022-02-06Fixed a major bug while reading the state file.Ingar
2022-02-06write LED state to state fileIngar
2022-02-06Python script to control a WS2812 LED stripIngar